Clarify your complaints with Pictue.

1. Prevent

With Pictue, you can prevent complaints with easy photo and video documentation of work steps.

2. Recovering the evidence

The easiest app on the market to take and archive photos with just a few clicks, on your phone.

3. Resolve the dispute

In case of dispute, you will find the pre- and post-work photos for your client to see in seconds after contacting us.

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 Capture images efficiently.

With Pictue, you can take photos and videos in seconds, anywhere, anytime. Reduce your claims with efficient image sharing while saving your employees’ time with automatic archiving.


 The easiest to use on the market.

Pictue is the easiest-to-use video and photo documentation solution on the market. If you know how to use your phone’s camera, you know how to use Pictue! Photos from the field to the map with just a few clicks.


 Effective image sharing.

Pictue’s rich and powerful sharing features even allow you to share a live map view in real time directly to your customers or subcontractors.

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Photo documentation

25 photos / user / month.

The easiest App on the market.

Extracting images from the map.

Free and easy photo upload.

Comprehensive support materials.

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  Video- and photo documentation

  Up to unlimited photos.

  Extremely easy and efficient.

 Photo extraction from the map.

 Powerful sharing tools.

 Unrivalled support.

Extra licenses for free.

 Add video-features!

from 7,90 / month

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