Photo documentation​

Pictue makes documenting work on construction sites quick and easy. 3 clicks is all it takes to take an image and securely archive it for future use. What’s more, the image automatically records the precise location, timestamp, user, as well as other filters defined by you as needed. ​

Images are uploaded automatically so they can be accessed across your organisation in real time.

Simple map-based saving system​

Pictue does away with easily misnamed files and folders and instead saves images automatically to the in-app map. This makes images easy to find whenever you need them whether that’s the same day or even years later.  ​

You can search and narrow down the images you need by the person who took them, their role, a comment, exact location, time or other image filters defined by your organisation. 

Keyword tagging for easy archiving​

In addition to the information automatically stored in your images and its location on the map, you can create unique, easy-to-use keyword paths (or workflows) to help make images easy to find as well.

Collaborate & document in real-time

Live information that’s easy to access​. Whether you want to monitor a subcontractor’s work in real time, or give your client extra confidence by sharing images of your company’s project, Pictue makes it easy. Pictue allows you to share images from user to user and even between companies securely, avoiding the hassle of moving, searching and sending images. 

Quick sharing outside of Pictue​

You can also efficiently and securely share photos directly from the app or desktop version in any way you like, via whatsapp, email, messenger or even SMS.

Supercharge your photo documentation

Document your work quickly with photos and videos, accurately archive them automatically and share them with your customers, in real time.

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