Why is Pictue better than the others?

1. Images from the map in a blur

Thanks to powerful search tools, you can find your photos from 10 years ago in seconds.

2. Automatic archiving

With its innovative folderless design, you can forget about filing altogether.

3. Efficient image sharing

Versatile sharing features even allow you to automatically share images directly with your customers.

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 You always know something about a picture.

We’ll do the rest. Do you remember where your photo was taken? Or when was it taken? Or who took it? Or which project is the image related to? With just one of these in your memory, you can find your photos in seconds, anywhere, anytime!


 The photos are always there.

With Pictue, you can go back in history in seconds, whenever and wherever you need to. Forget rigid folder structures and worrying about changing phones and other devices, keep your entire corporate photo history at your fingertips or that of your entire team.


 Share your photos!

With Pictue’s versatile sharing tools, you can share your photos quickly and efficiently, even automatically! With the innovative map view sharing, you can share a real-time live view with your customers using filters you define. With the handy email distribution, you can securely transfer photos directly from the app. Alternatively, you can download the images you’ve picked up as a compressed file for easy archiving.

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