Three good reasons to use Pictue for invoicing.

1. Honest and transparent

With photos, you transparently verify the work done for your client and therefore the basis for invoicing.

2. Reliable data

When you shoot with Pictue, no one can manipulate the image data. Reliable.

3. Information security

Forget WhatsApp and other instant messaging. With Pictue, you share photos automatically and securely.

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 Photos up, honestly.

In many sectors, the use of photos and videos for verification and invoicing is standard practice. Using photographic documentation to openly verify fieldwork builds trust with your customers.


 Data your customers can trust.

When using Pictue for photo documentation, your customer can be confident that GPS and timestamp data has not been altered. The entire documentation process, from taking pictures to sharing them, is handled by Pictue. Users will not be able to tamper with the data in the images at any stage.


 Forget WhatsApp and go modern.

With Pictue, taking, extracting and sharing pictures is a snap and secure. Store sensitive images and video documentation related to your business just a few clicks away, without the risk of it falling into the wrong hands.

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Photo documentation

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  Video- and photo documentation

  Up to unlimited photos.

  Extremely easy and efficient.

 Photo extraction from the map.

 Powerful sharing tools.

 Unrivalled support.

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